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Pet Visits - Pop in Service & Toilet Breaks

Our visits are ideal for cats, kittens, small animals, hens, birds, puppies, older dogs, special care dogs, reptiles etc. We will visit your house to check on your pet/s as many times as required, this can be done on a daily basis, when you're away or as required (stuck at work, in traffic, missed the bus!).


The visits are a minimum of 15 mins and are tailored to your pets needs.



15 mins - from £7

30 mins - from £8

60 mins - from £15

Depending on location additional expenses may be incurred for travel.



N.B. Although cats and other pets are generally fine left 'home alone', we would only be comfortable providing a pop in service where a dog will be left overnight in special circumstances.


Pop in service includes:


Feeding & fresh water


Cleaning up after them


Love, attention & company


Toilet breaks (garden or short walk)


Medicine administration


House checks - lights on, mail collected etc


Other (please contact us for special requests)

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