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We run classes for all ages of dogs. Classes currently run in East Calder Community Centre on Monday evenings. Our puppy classes run in an eight week bloack and are for pups out there under six months old that need to socialise and learn how to deal with the world around them as well as picking up obedience skills in a fun environment. for the 8 weeks it's £70. We also offer a range of dog classes at different skill levels in a six week block at £60.


Fiona is an IMDT-qualified instructor which means she uses modern, progressive methods of dog training. Handlers in classes learn how to get their dog to actively learn and enjoy learning.


The classes cover all a dog's learning needs for everyday life from loose-lead walking, recall (including around other dogs!), sit, down, stay, as well as more advanced training such as scent work and direction.

Lessons will be tailored to cater for each dog's abilities. They will also focus on FUN - if training is not fun then the owners and the dogs will not want to keep doing it! Classes will also include games which you can play with your dog to build up the dog's interest in you - and better obedience into the bargain.


One to Ones

Can't make it to classes or have a problem that you would like working on?

Why not have a private one-to-one session tailored to your needs?


Fiona will come to your house or meet you at another location, depending on what you and your dog's needs are. Fiona can offer private training sessions to get you and your dog through the essential "life skills" that all dogs need - loose-lead walking, great recall etc. and she can also help with behavioural issues.


Fiona will assess the problem and will advise you how to deal with the issues that you are having with your dog. For example, poor recall, puppy biting, lunging at other dogs, fearful around strangers.


Each session lasts approximately 90 minutes and is swiftly followed by an email report of what we covered and how it is to be tackled in an easy-to-follow format.

Each dog and each issue is different, so a few sessions may be required dependent on the work needed.

We also offer Puppy One to Ones - this will make sure you get off on the right paw with your pup!


For a 90 minute session, including a follow up report & phone call support - £45

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New Classes for 2019

Puppy Class starting 28 January

Dog Class Level 2 (Intermediate) starting 4 February

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