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Who’s responsibility is it?

By duffyspampered, Feb 6 2020 01:25PM

We teach puppy classes, puppy one to one’s and do puppy ‘power hours’. Within all of these forms of training sessions, we aim to answer any questions guardians may have, along with solving typical ‘puppy problems’ - toileting, mouthing etc.

We try to set the guardian & puppy on the right path - positive reinforcement, canine body language, appropriate socialisation, appropriate exercise... To the majority of guardians attending our training, this is the first time that they have received/heard the advice we give them. Bearing in mind, that by the time they come to classes, puppies can be as old as 22 weeks.

Most puppy guardians we teach are surprised to hear the ‘5 minutes physical exercise a day per month of your puppy’s age’ (ie a 4 Month old puppy should be getting approximately a 20 minute walk/exercise a day). Along with other issues over-exercising causes, in the main this is to protect puppy bone & growth development.

In fact a large amount of guardians that attend our training have been over-exercising their puppies as much as up to 10-15 times the recommended amount. Usually because their puppies need to be ‘tired-out’. In fact mental stimulation can tire a dog out approximately 70% more than physical exercise.

As a trainer it’s important I play my part in educating guardians, but I feel by the time i meet a puppy, it can be too late. I know some vets will provide this information and some breeders will too, but not all. Of course guardians should take responsibility to find out as much information as they can before getting a dog as well.

But somehow, puppy guardians are still slipping through the net of this vital early information.

So my question is how do we stop this happening?